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Maintenance schedules


We perform routine maintenance, timing belt and water pump replacement per manufacturer's recommended intervals. Usually these belt replacement intervals are at 60K, 90K or 105K miles. Call us and we'll be happy to look it up for you and give you an estimate for your service.



Transmission Flush


We use state of the art equipment to flush the transmission fluid from your transmission, lines and cooler.

BG Products, is the premier premium fluid and conditioner products used at Jamie's. This flush is recommend for vehicles every 30,000 miles for care free operation and shifting of your transmission.



Electrical and Computer Components


We have been working on computer equipped vehicles since they first started appearing in the early '80s.

We've watched as these systems have develoved over the years, and have stayed on top of the industry in the educational process of diagnostics and repair. We have the specialized tooling and equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle right, the first time!



Heating and A/C


Complete heating and air conditioning service and repair can be a complex problem with many of today's vehicles.

The compliment of small mode actuators and blend doors controlling your automatic climate control settings, can cause all kinds of discomfort if not working properly. We have the tools and skills to diagnose and repair your system to get you back on the road, enjoying the drive!



Steering and Suspension


Safely steering your vehicle is paramount in keeping you driving on the road in a safe manner. Suspension components along with the steering components work together to keep vehicle stabilized and tracking straight, while going down the road. Schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected today!


Engine Performance


Not getting that umph anymore, suffering fuel consumption? It's possible that you have a symtom that can easily be diagnosed and repaired. Driving a vehicle with an engine misfire or a "check engine" lamp on may damage other components, such as your catalytic converters. Schedule an appointment today to have us diagnose your vehicle and recommend a fix and save you in the long run!








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